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Scientists Think They May Have Discovered A New Covid-19 Treatment

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Turns out, a drug that is being used in conjunction with chemotherapy as a treatment for lung cancer, ovarian cancer and other types of tumors may also be one possible treatment for COVID-19.

I am so excited about this!!

It is amazing to me when one drug can be used to treat a multitude of problems.

For instance, I take a pill that is supposed to be for kidney rejection, but I don’t have kidney problems at all!

I take it to stave off strokes — I have an autoimmune issue — and this anti-rejection medicine works GREAT for my issue!

NOW, they are finding out that berzosertib, a drug used to treat advanced tumors, may be just the right thing to help combat the coronavirus.

First of all, this is a SAFE drug, with no significant side effects!!

That has been a hot-spot issue with so many drugs that are being tested on the coronavirus.

The ONLY side effect that was noted was a low blood platelet level — which is totally treatable.

So, how does this possible miracle drug work?

Since cancer blocks DNA strands from repairing, berzosertib selectively binds to the ATR protein and prevent ‘ATR-mediated signaling in the ATR-checkpoint kinase 1 (Chk1) signaling pathway. This is the same pathway that SARS-CoV-2 virus and other coronaviruses enter the body and multiply within host cells.

Clearity Foundation

I’m not going to lie. I have no idea what that meant.

Basically, scientists from UCLA worked to test this berzosertib drug on the coronavirus, and they found that it may effectively halt the coronavirus in its tracks!!

In a series of seven experiments, the scientists tested the drugs in cultures of coronavirus-infected cells, including from organs that COVID-19 attacks, the kidney, heart and lungs.

News Break

Berzosertib is the drug that “consistently stalled the coronavirus’s replication without damaging cells.”

This is a chance to actually find a drug that might be broader in spectrum, which could also help fight coronaviruses that are yet to come

UCLA Newsroom

Now, there haven’t been any clinical trials on this drug as of yet, unfortunately.

Please, Please *fingers crossed* let them get to testing berzosertib, and let it be the solution we so terribly need right now.

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