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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ May Be Coming Straight To Streaming. Here Is What We Know.

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This is definitely the year of the streaming service, and it isn’t stopping any time soon.

Wonder Woman 1984 is reportedly going to premier on streaming, skipping theaters altogether — I mean, did we really think anything different was going to happen? There aren’t any theaters yet open.


If it feels like FOREVER since we have been waiting for this movie, you aren’t wrong. Filming was done in 2018, and it was supposed to drop December 2019, but it got pushed, and then pushed, and then pushed again.

AND, then the coronavirus happened, and the world shut down.


So, that meant that the release date for Wonder Woman 1984 was pushed yet again — indefinitely.


A new report claims that the reason WW84 wasn’t included in WB’s renewed release date timeline is because it’s actually sticking where it is, but it’s going straight to streaming. Giant Freakin Robot says that a reliable source tells them that Warner Bros. has looked at the landscape, both the poor shape of theaters at present and the packed list of movies coming out in 2021, and decided that there’s nothing else to do but to drop the sequel directly on demand this December.


Now, this source is the ONLY source that has said anything about Wonder Woman 1984 coming straight to streaming, but it isn’t too far fetched an idea.


We have seen OTHER films (Onward, Trolls, Mulan) go straight to streaming, and they have done well — I mean, what other choice do we have, right? We can’t exactly rush to the theaters for the new releases.

Courtesy of Disney+

Would I be mad if Wonder Woman 1984 came straight to streaming? No. Would I be mad if they waiting to release Wonder Woman 1984 until theaters are open back up again? Also, no.


At this point, the more we have to watch at home, the better, AMIRITE?!? We have all blown through pretty much all of Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu. I say, bring on Wonder Woman 1984!


Now, there are some sources that think the film will be release both in theaters and on streaming at the same time. Of course, none of this is corroborated, but we will just have to see.


See the trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 below.

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