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Starting Next Week You Won’t Need Disney+ To Watch Mulan

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This is fantastic news! If you wanted to watch Mulan, but don’t have Disney+ and don’t plan on signing up for it, you can STILL watch Mulan!


We’re very pleased to be able to bring Mulan to our consumer base that has been waiting for it for a long, long time as we’ve had to, unfortunately, move our theatrical date several times.

CEO Bob Chapek said on an earnings call

Mulan was originally intended to release in theaters, however, ya know the whole 2020 and Covid-19 pandemic ruined that. Theaters were closed and even when they did start opening, not many people were wanting to go to the movie theater.


The Mulan movie was originally released on Disney+ on September 4th, and it was $30 to buy it. Well, not everyone has Disney+, so that was a bummer for many.


But now Disney is making the movie available for anyone to purchase even if you don’t have Disney+! This is great news for all of you that want the movie, but not another subscription!


Mulan will now be streamed on Amazon, FandangoNow, Vudu, and more starting October 6th! You can preorder the movie for $29.99!

But, if you do have Disney+ and you don’t want to buy the movie, you can still watch it! Mulan will stream on Disney Plus as a regular title in December at no extra cost to you!


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