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Disney+ Subscribers Will Get To Mulan For Free In December

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Ok, so this is an easy decision for me because I prefer to save money. Disney had originally planned to premiere Mulan in theaters March 9th, with a full release on March 27th. But then the whole pandemic happened and things had to change.


We had all of the shutdowns, social distancing, movie theaters all closed. Everything kind of stopped. So they were like ok, let’s move it to July! But July came and we were all still locked away tight.


Then August came and Disney just removed the theater release altogether, because how can you plan for anything right now?


So they decided to make Mulan available for purchase on Disney+ starting on Sept 4th, 2020. They also decided that it would release that day in theaters where they are allowed to be open and where Disney+ isn’t available.


To purchase it for streaming through Disney+ it will cost $30, but that isn’t a rental. You get to keep the streaming version. But now, they just announced that Mulan will be available to all Disney+ subscribers to watch in December for free!


As I said, this is an easy decision for me. I would wait for three more months and watch it for free! But I know some people are itching to watch it now. What will you do? Watch it now for $30, or wait 3 more months and watch it for free?


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