Disney Released The First Trailer of Live-Action Mulan And Mushu Is Not In It

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Disney has been on a roll lately with turning classics into live-action movies. The latest is Mulan and Disney has released the first trailer and quite honestly, I am a bit disappointed. In fact, you will probably be too.

Disney Released The First Trailer of Live-Action Mulan

When I first heard Mulan was coming to a live-action movie I was super excited. I thought of how awesomely action-packed the movie would be and how cool the animations could be with Mushu and Cricket two ICONIC characters in the movie.

But then the trailer was released and it just shows the action without all the other stuff… other stuff as-in Mushu and Cricket were missing…

So, I started to research, would Mushu and Cricket be in it?

According to reports, Disney has decided to replace Mushu with a phoenix… yes, a phoenix.

It hasn’t officially been announced by Disney but there have been reports of people seeing actors wearing jackets with a phoenix on the back rather than the dragon that Mushu is.

Honestly, without Mushu there is no reason to see this movie. He is a big role in the classic movie and without him, it’s like having Aladdin without Genie, it just doesn’t work.

In fact, people are saying if he isn’t in it, they aren’t going to see it.

Even actor Kevin Smith voiced his opinion:

Sorry, Disney but us fans want the classics to be kept the way they are.

Check out the trailer below.

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  1. Well, that is highly disappointing is Mushu and Cricket aren’t in the movie!

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