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You Can Tour Disney World Through These Aerial Photos

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It was very shocking when Disney decided to close their doors to the public earlier this month. BUT, just because Disney World is closed, doesn’t mean we can’t get our Disney fix.

With the aid of aerial views of the parks, we can tour areas that are usually covered over with people.

Empty Hollywood Studios Courtesy of @bioreconstruct on Twitter

All these aerial views show the empty parks, and it feels a little like walking around the parks before they open in the mornings — which has been on my bucket list for years!

Aerial View of An Empty Magic Kingdom Courtesy of @bioreconstruct on Twitter

The emptiness is a bit shocking at first. It looks a bit like someone has gone urbexing, and found an abandoned park. I had to remind myself, this is Disney, and they will be back!


With these amazing photos, we are able to see the walkway to Tomorrow Land — which I’ve never actually looked at while I’m walking as fast as I can among the hoards of people.

Aerial View of the Entrance to Tomorrowland Courtesy of @bioreconstruct on Twitter

Pandora is usually TOTALLY overrun with people — I’m talking, lines EVERYWHERE — but through these aerial photos, we actually get a chance to focus on the beautifully constructed scenic props.

Aerial Shot of Pandora at Animal Kingdom Courtesy of @bioreconstruct on Twitter

BUT — perhaps the coolest pictures we get to see, are that of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land in Hollywood Studios.

Courtesy of @bioreconstruct on Twitter

I mean, how cool is that! We can see the life-sized Millennium Falcon, and if you are familiar with Batu, the city depicted by Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, you might be able to spot the droid depot, and our favorite beverage spot — Back Spire Outpost.

Courtesy of @bioreconstruct on Twitter
Courtesy of @bioreconstruct on Twitter

For even MORE Disney fun, you can take a virtual ride on one of Disney’s awesome rides via YouTube, and it’s totally fun! My kids and I have made it to every single park by going on these virtual rides.

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