Disney’s Animal Kingdom Has Welcomed New Animal Babies and I’m In Love

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Although Disney’s parks may be shut down for now, Disney’s Animal Kingdom has been pretty busy since the visitors left (if you know what I mean)…

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has a total of 1,700 animals with 250 different species throughout the park! When you think about the math, that’s pretty crazy to think how many animals live throughout Disney’s 500 acres of land!


Two species of which, have gotten a little frisky lately since there’s been no human visitors at the park (kidding, I know it takes longer than that)!


Disney’s Animal Kingdom has welcomed to new baby species that might be the cutest thing you’ll see today!

Disney World

Her name has yet to be announced, but this 65-pound girl is a baby Zebra! Mama Heidi gave birth to her little one on March 21st and within 30 minutes, her baby was standing on her own with no assistance!

The second newborn is a bit smaller and a lot more prickly. And if you haven’t already guessed it, Disney has welcomed their newest Prehensile-Tailed Porcupine!

Courtesy of Disney Parks

Just look at that face! How could you not say “awhhh”!

Her mother Peri is a proud mama of a new babygirl. Also unnamed, the baby Porcupine is a member of Walt Disney World’s Species Survival Plan, along with the new baby Zebra too!

So there you have it, Disney has welcomed two newborn animals which happen to be both girls, talk about girl power!


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