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This Michael Myers Sunshade Will Bring A Little Spookiness Where Ever You Go

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It’s still hot out, but I feel the need to get going on Halloween, and I know I am not alone!

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So I can now keep it cool while being cool with this Halloween Michael Myers car window sunshade!


Michael Myers may be a psycho killer, but he will also protect your car from the wicked sun and heat by blocking out harmful UV rays and helping your car stay cool.


The sunshade is completely inspired by the iconic slasher film franchise, Halloween!

This horror-themed sun shield features Michael Myers and it makes it look like the legend himself is driving your car.


The Michael Myers sunshade measures about 64 inches by 32 inches and should fit most cars, trucks, and vans.

It has a foldable design so you can tuck it away when not in use.


This is an officially licensed Halloween Michael Myers product and you won’t find another like it!


Everyone is entitled to one good scare with this officially licensed Halloween Michael Myers sunshade. Inspired by the cult classic horror franchise, this exclusive sun visor features the iconic boogeyman. The slasher movie styling makes it appear like the masked killer Michael Myers is driving your car. True to form, he is depicted peering into the rearview mirror with a slight tilt to his head. Careful, he might be on the hunt for his next unsuspecting victim!

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Buy it for yourself, or gift it to a horror movie-loving friend!

You can buy your own Michael Myers window sunshade on Amazon!


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