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This Creepy Clown Motel Has Been Dubbed ‘America’s Scariest Motel’ And I Think I’ll Pass

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There are some people who like to stay at haunted hotels to catch a spooky spirit in action.

Not my thing, but you do you, boo.

There’s scary, haunted hotels — like The Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas — and then there are hotels that are just flat out creepy af. Hotels of the NOPE variety.

This little hotel in Tonopah, Nevada has been dubbed “America’s scariest motel,” and for good reason.

This respite for the weary traveler is completely themed — and that theme is CLOWNS.

I’m betting that the original owners of the Clown Motel just wanted a fun, whimsical place for people to rest their weary heads.

But, seriously, the NOPE factor is huge.

If you are traveling down highway 95 in Nevada — about 3 hours north of Las Vegas — you are probably already hating life.

Not only is it “The Worst Highway In Nevada,” it is kind of in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

But, once you hit Main Street in Tonopah, you will — without a doubt — see the big illuminated sign of the Clown Motel that features a juggling clown, smiling and beaconing you to stop for a rest.

The sign touts “clean rooms” — or “LLEAN ROOM S” as the case may be.

You KNOW it’s a high-quality, comfortable stay when you can get a “single” for $39.50 a night.

What do you get for 40 bucks a night? Clowns. You get clowns. Everywhere.

You are in the company of clowns from the minute you pass the threshold of the motel. The lobby is overflowing with clowns. In fact, they are every which way you look.

The pièce de résistance is the freaking life-sized clown they have sitting in a chair, cradling even smaller clowns in the safety of its lap.

I’d walk through the door, and walk right back out to my car, right?!?

Not only is the lobby sloppy with these deranged, creepy-ass clowns, the rooms are completely clown themed as well.

There are pictures of clowns on all the doors. In the rooms you will find portraits of famous clowns that peer down at you from the walls.

You know, just the things that nightmares are made of.

As if the motel, itself, wasn’t creepy enough, the Clown Motel is built in a virtual ghost town.

Tonopah, Nevada used to be an “Indian campground” before it became a booming mecca for silver mining in the 1900s.

Through the years, the miners and prospectors died off, and were buried in the town cemetery — which is right next to — you guessed it — the Clown Motel.


Now, it is important to note that ghost hunters haven’t found much in the way of otherworldly beings around the hotel and cemetery.

But, I’m not taking my chances with old cemeteries and freaky clowns.

If you want to experience the clowns in all their glory, you can book a room on the motel website, World Famous The Clown Motel.

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