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You Can Crochet A Bouquet Of Blue Moon Roses and They Are Stunning

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Some of y’all are so talented that it blows my mind! This pattern is for you experienced people that have your crochet skill down to an art! These are crochet roses and the detail is beautiful!


Do you seem how realistic that looks? How do y’all make this happen? I dunno, I feel like it’s magic skills of some sort. Whatever it is, I am in awe of you guys that do this!


Imagine the bouquet you could crochet for a bride to be that she could keep forever and ever! What a gift that would be!


In her description she said that this is inspired from the Blue Moon Cultivar (Hybrid Tea). Just imagine the arrangements you could make or just have one blossom in a vase all on its own! So gorgeous!


This crochet pattern comes with diagrams and instructions in American Standard Terms.

Absolutely beautiful! Your pattern is amazingly easy to follow especially with all the photos showing every last step!

Kellye Brown – Etsy Reviewer

It also has a step-by-step guide with photos to help you crochet the Blue Moon Rose flower. The pattern covers 3 shapes, and includes patterns for the sepals and leaves as well!


You can purchase the pattern to make these beautiful roses from HappyPattyCrochet on Etsy for only $7.50! You could make so many gifts with this pattern!


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