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Tropicana Is Releasing A Toothpaste To Prove Orange Juice And Toothpaste Go Together

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We’ve heard it said over and over: Toothpaste and Orange Juice DON’T go together! But Tropicana is determined to prove that theory wrong!

And no, this isn’t an April Fools Joke or a trick. Tropicana is literally releasing toothpaste. Welcome to 2021.


Drinking a glass in the morning is a normal ritual for people. But so is brushing teeth before going to school or work. So what to do?


This special toothpaste is designed to NOT ruin your taste buds after drinking orange juice! It’s supposed to compliment the taste of the orange juice!


These will be available as of November 1st on Tropicana’s social media websites. As of right now, they aren’t being released into stores.


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