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Ten Father’s Day Ideas That Won’t Break The Piggy Bank!

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I’m at a slight monetary disadvantage this year for the festivities normally heaped on daddies for this day of honor. I have to dust off my powers of creativity, and get down and dirty with inexpensive ideas for my father and my husband. Forget the cliche tie that’s going to be thrown in a drawer and forgotten. I want to do something meaningful this year, something they’ll look back on with fondness. Most importantly, it can’t break the bank, the piggie bank that is, because that’s all we can afford right now.

Now, after sitting and pondering on my Father’s Day dilemma, I’ve churned out ten Father’s Day ideas I think will be fun, memorable, and fiscally responsible. If you can think of more, by all means, throw your two-cents into the pot.

Ten Father’s Day Ideas That Won’t Break The Piggy Bank!

1) Detail His Car – No, I don’t mean professionally. I’d like to pay rent this month. I mean get in there with good old elbow grease and a few cleaning hacks. Use a toothbrush and cotton swabs to get the hard-to-get crevices around the gearshift. Use a vacuum cleaner with the hose attachment to vacuum the car out thoroughly. Use window cleaner to make the windows spotless. If he has cloth seats, spritz them down with fabreeze to make the car smell fresh and new. What other detailing hacks can you think of?

2) Air-Drying Clay Memory – You can get a ten-pound box of gray, generic clay pretty cheap at a craft store. Make sure to follow the directions on the box before you begin. Make a cool design with the clay, or if your artistically challenged like myself, a heart or circle will do. You can then have your child mold their hands or feet, and write their name in the clay. Don’t forget to put the year. Once the clay is dry, it can be painted, or keep it natural. It’s your gift, so go crazy however you want.

3) His Favorite Food – Yes. This can get a little pricy. For my dad, I’d make a good fruit salad or deviled eggs. My husband’s tastes are a bit more expensive, so we’d probably go the grilled hamburger route with a fried egg on top. One thing is for certain: You can’t go wrong with their favorite food.

4) Tie-dye Towel or Shirt – To go the extra mile here, use painter’s tape to spell their name, the date, or whatever you want. Then make sure you stick a barrier in between the back and front if your doing a shirt, and under it if you’re doing a towel. Then you get crazy, and spray that sucker down with fabric dye. Follow the directions on the dye about letting your project dry, and setting the colors.

5) Personalized Mug – You can buy a cheap white mug at the store. Then get out your Sharpie pens (oil-based pens work the best), and let your kids draw away on the mugs. You can “bake” them to lock in the color. Make sure to handwash these works of art to prevent fading. For a slightly different take on painting mugs, go to Kids Activities Blog.

6) A Night Alone – You take the kids. Let him go out with his buddies. Or, if he prefers, let him be alone with his thoughts. You know him well enough to know what he wants. Make it happen for him.

7) Family Night – For the daddy who wants to spend his special day around the family, make a fun family night. Pop some popcorn, watch a movie together on Netflix, or play boardgames. If Daddy prefers electronic games, find something suitable for the whole family, and make a fun night of it.

8) A Planner – This gift may sound BORING. However, before you give him said planner, you can write all the important days in there: Birthdays, anniversaries, family trips, etc. I guarantee you, he’ll appreciate having it laid out before him, so he doesn’t really have to think about special days.

9) Go To Goodwill – Or, any thrift store will do. You never know what you’ll find. Maybe there will be something you can repurpose. Maybe you’ll find that record he’s been wanting to add to his vinyl collection. The sky’s the limit here. It can be a goldmine.

10) Cutesy Stuff All Day – Pinterest is probably your best friend here. In the past, we have left oranges with “Orange you glad you’re our daddy” written on them with food-safe pen. We have also done bananas that say, “You’re appealing.” You can have the kids hide “love notes” all around, like in his shoes for him to find when he goes to put them on, up against his toothbrush, or on the TV for him to find when he goes to turn it on. Don’t just do one thing here, shower him with the love all day.

These are just a few ideas from one broke momma this year. What other fun, inexpensive, and creative ideas can you think of to make the daddies in your life feel special?

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