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Riverdale is Your Next Netflix Binge and Here’s Why

I just spent the last thirteen or so hours engrossed in a teen drama based on the Archie Comics, and I wish there were thirteen more episodes so I could keep watching.

That’s right y’all this is like Sunday morning cartoons meets the Vampire Diaries and you won’t be able to get enough of it. We meet Betty, Veronica, Archie and Jughead, and there’s a mystery to solve, because there’s a murder afoot, the story itself is a pretty awesome one filled with intrigue, city corruption, Josie and the Pussycat dolls… you know, the usual.

But don’t worry there’s plenty for us middle aged moms that love a good teen dramedy, too– like LUKE PERRY AND MOLLY RINGWALD!

But they’re the parents in this one, so if you’re feeling a little long in the tooth, this is probably not going to help that. Because I don’t know when Luke got all those wrinkles, but I feel like we somehow have Shannen Doherty to blame. (I had to look up how to spell her name, by the way, sheesh.)

Oh, and remember the adorable twins from the Suite Life With Zach and Cody? Oh yeah, one of them is Jughead. I am not sure which one, but they both kind of ran together for me anyways.

The smart one, maybe? And if that still isn’t enough, Veronica has a big-bad daddy in jail and Betty has a secret dark side. Legit, this show has everything.

So if you’re looking for your next Netflix Binge, check out Riverdale.

You’re welcome.

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