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Turns Out, You’ve Been Making Popcorn Wrong Your Entire Life

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Who knew that such an easy snack could create such confusion on the proper way to cook it!

Yes, we’ve all been making our popcorn wrong…and it took TikTok to put us all in our place.

Thanks to @sidneyraz on TikTok, we have now learned how to get rid of the pesky kernels that like to float around in the bottom of your popcorn bag and could cause lots of teeth pain.

Such a silly little solution to take all your problems away.

Simply use the tiny opening at the top of the bag to shake out the kernels into a bowl! And if you have a ton of leftover kernels, stick the bowl in the microwave and cook the rest!

I’m thinking of all the years I’ve wasted not realizing this information. Now you know!

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