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There’s An ‘IT’ Themed Pop-Up Bar Complete with Pennywise Drinks

We all float down here.

At least that is what the Facebook event says for this ‘IT’ Themed Pop-Up Bar Complete with Pennywise Drinks…

Replay Lincoln Park is hosting an IT Themed Pop-Up Bar in Chicago, just time for Halloween!

From October 11 – October 31 (Halloween night) you can head to Chicago for a night of terrors, IT themed drinks and even an encounter with Pennywise. Ahhhh.

Brave your fears and come party with Pennywise this October as our main bar area is transformed into Derry, Maine, complete with all of the horrors that it contains. Of course, we’ll be creating pop-up-specific craft cocktails, and be sure to stay tuned for special, spooky pop-up events as well!

According to reports, you’ll be transported to Derry, ME, where you’ll encounter Pennywise and the rest of the Losers Club.

You’ll be able to visit sights from the movie including the abandoned house near the train yard.

Plus, they will be offering Pennywise-themed drinks including: This Is IT, featuring black vodka, cherry juice soda and a pearl dust garnish, and Pennywise Punch, which is dark, light and spiced rum with passion fruit and citrus juices.[0]=68.ARAPLaR6yYn6bkH81Dmvh2XJxnHwZhpsRCBRrN-qz564rBniaS6ttzKfx_Lt-4jyOG59wO1nV1WIWqudwn5C4NgeoiyFZuo9rNw3lASQgcrefOHLl9TcKj4K3n0tbNztVQCmQ1_kYQ6er8rx3S6REsF8nXnyW4Fb9hapsMt-ErEW8E9lgKGJTJ5n1Unc0kHbMYUo-i1CM1kbOjr5anIbCEELpiivTefMelFEGjUGI_ONXg0DYT3dkNm9zlMgvV6ZRZPTJuEtUHVrNzOoLh0EyS_Hl1fyfx0eSslYuNXOxw5h2u_24OFvih6efU1w2J1lSjSnaNaNFC_guTJ_QIwxlhdxhVwX&__xts__[1]=68.ARBR8vldJFx0XsUBXXzNTneWMYhR-NcwfdK_bZlXhdQOLR-RhyvShke6Z9DTCZCZeJdXBYHcLRUpgo-VpeEqjT10s3j0oLyyb6D-LKkrxoXJrOJDWEbA1He522t_MgzcDEjcxFVAaJMgcOX3s9jbVI5jJY4YDA3ffpfXn0e9GztQPw8OFzgpQ6QESaNrKx0ui0lt2P75bC2mpPBnh5fbn3IANjyhFoUjB6Crx_6t40H6VNpwZ3D_mZsLO62eHuGGGtY_sD7zvVTWBzRXRqKDaMFHpOC2DWxP25vha8kDpT3Gr8r92VZ6G31gYsgSuGDlmtTuMqIu2STdJjK17TMHjkjMCHko&__tn__=-R

So far the images shared on social media seem to nail IT (see what I did there?) in making it feel like you are really going to encounter Pennywise.

As of right now, it doesn’t seem like you need tickets. Just head there and try to survive…

Oh, and have enough drinks there and you’ll float too…


Saturday 11th of January 2020



Monday 14th of October 2019

Looks cool. But I cant able to try this i'm far away from chichago.