S’ip by S’well Released Harry Potter Water Bottles So Every Sip Can Taste Like Magic

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Accio to me!

If you’ve been thinking about wanting to get another water bottle, now is the time.

S’ip by S’well Launched Harry Potter Water Bottles So Every Sip Can Taste Like Magic and I Need One Now!

Credit: S’ip by S’well

The Harry Potter collection from S’ip by S’well features 4 different designs including: Hogwarts, House Crests, Quidditch and The Boy Who Lived.


The bottles are $19.99 each and have been spotted at Target as well as the S’ip by S’well website.


If you are a Harry Potter fan or know someone who is, (and don’t we all?) you need to get one of these STAT.


Let’s be honest, these are pretty much the coolest water bottles ever.


Oh and if you like these, you need to check out the Harry Potter Pandora Collection and the Harry Potter Pottery Barn Collection!

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