Reese’s is Releasing Three New Mystery Holiday Shapes and I Can’t Decide What They Are

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Reese’s is coming out with three new holiday shapes. This is the first time in 20 years they’ve come out with a new shape!

There’s only one catch — You have to guess what they are.

I mean, haven’t we always kind of had to guess what the holiday blobs of Reese’s shapes are? (that’s a joke)

You might remember in previous years Reese’s came out with delicious Christmas trees. Only, none of us could actually tell they were Christmas trees.

It was all good, because, after all, it’s Reese’s candy. They still tasted just like a chocolate bar fell into a vat of peanut butter.

Some are speculating that the shapes might be a stocking, a snowman, and a bell.

Via Walmart

You’ll have to decide for yourself once you open one of these “mystery” packages.

They’ve already been spotted online at Walmart.

Do you love Reese’s as much as I do? You can now buy a 4-pound vat of the peanut butter, because why the heck not?

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