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Starbucks is Selling A $2 Color Changing Cup For The Holidays

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‘Tis the season for all things red and green. Yup, it’s officially that time of the year!

Now, earlier this week, Starbucks released the first wave of their holiday collection for 2023 which included the viral red Stanley Starbucks cup.

But something I haven’t seen people talking about is this $2 color changing cup!!

New this year, is this hot reusable cup in the iconic Starbucks holiday print.

The color is a dark forest green with a white logo and white iridescent lid.

Basically, it’s the perfect companion to any hot coffee on the go. But it gets better…

When hot liquids (like hot tea or coffee) is added to the cup, it changes color!!

The color goes from a dark green to a bright light green (sort of like The Grinch). Ahhhhh!

At just $2 each, this would make a fun gift for someone (just throw in a Starbucks gift card or some hot cocoa inside).

I cannot believe I didn’t realize this changed colors before. BRB off to grab some more!

Watch the cup change colors before your eyes in the video below.

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