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Here’s Everything We Know About The Holiday Supply Shortages

We have been hearing tons of talk about the staggering supply shortages — especially with the logjam of shipping vessels that is happening in the California harbors.

How is this going to affect the holidays this year? What about turkeys, Christmas trees, and — maybe most importantly — gifts?

You might have noticed a few empty shelves at your favorite stores. You might have been trying to shop online, and the sites just don’t have exactly what you are looking for.

And, God knows, Starbucks has been out of just about everything that we try to order.

Never fear my friends. We are going to give you the 4-1-1 on how things will stack up this holiday season. Don’t worry. Spoiler alert. Everything’s going to be okay.

You may get a little panicky — you might even feel the urge to start hoarding what you do find.

But, just breathe. It will all work out in the end.

But, what about Turkey for our Thanksgiving and Christmas meals?

While you might see a bit of delay in the supply chain, you really shouldn’t worry.

Just plan ahead. Don’t wait until the week before Thanksgiving to get your Turkey.

Make room in your freezer, and get that turkey NOW, while they are still plentiful in the stores.

Now, you might not be able to get the exact size you are looking for. But, let’s be real. Leftovers are usually a real story with Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. You just might not get to feast on that turkey carcass for 2 weeks after the holidays.

You might also see a hike in the price of the turkey. Heck, we have already seen it happening with ground beef. Just be prepared, and don’t freak out when it happens. It is what it is.

Maybe you can consider buying a fresh turkey from a local turkey farm. You would get a better tasting (IMHO) turkey, and you would be helping out a local business. Win, Win!!

Okay, but what about Christmas trees? We can’t have a Christmas without a tree!!

It’s true, we have heard of fires in the western part of the country taking out houses, trees, and everything in their paths.

I mean, Oregon is the #1 producer of trees in the nation. Weren’t there fires in that region?

“Oregon is not out of trees,” O’Connor said [Tim O’Connor, executive director of the National Christmas Tree Association]. “There were some fires in Oregon last year, but they didn’t disrupt production.” Some growers experienced heat damage, he said, that’s all. And in any case, most of our eastern trees are grown in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and New York.

Yahoo News

And, you can even suck it up this year and go the artificial route. I know, it’s not ideal. But, tough times and all.

You can get some really good artificial trees from Home Depot, Sam’s Club, or Amazon. They even have some that already come decorated!


Just don’t wait until the very last second. Get to taking care of procuring your tree right now!

You could always do what one family did during the “lean years,” and paint a Christmas tree on your wall. LOL!

I need to know about Christmas gifts!!

This is where you might feel a little bit of a crunch — but it’s not all bad.

Especially if you are one that waits until after Thanksgiving to buy your gifts. You might not find exactly what you are looking for.

But, really, it won’t destroy a kid if they don’t get that $500 Playstation 5 gaming console this year. ($1K if you plan on dropping the money on an entire setup).

There are PLENTY of other things out there that kids will like just as much. They may be DISAPPOINTED that they didn’t get the brand-spankin’-new (insert their toy of choice here), but they will get over it.

Seriously. Check out places like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and maybe even Sam’s Club or Costco online. They have plenty of selection at this very moment.

Shop early, and you will be okay.

Check out these lists we’ve put together to help. You’re welcome.

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Merry Christmas!! Breathe. Don’t hoard. It’s going to be a holly jolly Christmas, indeed!