Move Over Holiday Stockings, Elf Pants Are Taking Over The Fireplace Mantel

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For some it’s a family tradition to open stocking stuffers on Christmas Eve while others wait for the morning after Santa leaves.

While many Christmas stockings we know and love come with a red sock bottom and white fluffy trimming, elf pants are taking over the fireplace mantel to hold tooth brushes, phone cases, and gift cards.

Courtesy of Walmart

So move over Christmas stockings, elf pants are taking over the mantel for Christmas and they hold double the presents.

Courtesy of Walmart

These elf pants that act like stockings look like the merry elves from Santa’s helpers, all the way down to the green stockings, pointed shoes, and jingle bells.

Courtesy of Walmart

With two stuffed legs hanging from each Christmas stocking, each elf pants has two handles for a secure hang above the fireplace.

Dressed in a variety of festive Christmas wear, you can find the elf pants stockings at Walmart for $20.

Courtesy of Walmart

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