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You Can Visit A Vineyard That Lets You Hike With Llamas Before Wine Tasting and I’m Packing My Bags

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Talk about a perfect social distancing vacation!

I have never visited a vineyard to wine taste and honestly I’m sad about it. Hopefully this year, I can cross that off my to-do list this fall.

As if the wine wasn’t already satisfying, there’s a vineyard on the East Coast that has added llamas to the wine tasting experience.


Divine Llama Vineyards in East Bend, N.C isn’t your regular wine tasting vineyard; you can also hike two miles with a llama by your side or you can simply take a casual nature stroll if you forgot hiking shoes.

We all bring hiking boots when we’re visiting a vineyard…right? Okay, maybe not, but this experience would be hard to pass up even if I didn’t have the correct footwear.


As soon as your done walking with llamas, you can then head over to sample seven of their wines or walk through the vineyard as well.

There’s even a llama farm where you can still visit the furry animals for those of you who would prefer to skip the hike!


Prices are 50 dollars per person with an additional 10 dollars for wine tasting.

So the next time you’re headed over to a wine tasting gathering in North Carolina, don’t forget to pack your hiking boots!


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