Baileys Is Releasing A New Apple Pie Flavor That’ll Be Your New Favorite Boozy Fall Dessert

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Who else adds Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur into their morning coffee during the holidays? I tried it for the first time last year and it was so good.

I’m definitely a fan and whether or not you currently are, I’m about to change your mind.


If you haven’t had Baileys original Irish Cream Liqueur then at least you must try their new flavor, apple pie!

Courtesy of Baileys

The boozy Irish Cream is even going a step further and introducing Thanksgiving a little early this year, thanks to Cocktail Courier and celebrity pastry chef/TV personality Zac Young’s help.

Welcoming their new friendsgiving kit, you can virtually drink and eat booze infused cookies topped with oat crumble, including a 2 and two 4 -ounce bottles of Cocktail Courier Cafe de Olla Syrup, a Baileys’ apron for the cocktail mess, nutmeg and 12 Twining Chai tea bags.

Courtesy of PR Newswire

It’s the perfect recipe for a sweet and tipsy friendsgiving holiday!

Courtesy of PR Newswire

You can pick up the single Bailey’s Apple Pie Irish Creme Liqueur for 25 dollars nationwide, while the kit will cost you 85 dollars.

Courtesy of PR Newswire

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