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Walmart Raises Average Manager Salary To $128,000 A Year

Walmart just made it even more attractive to be a motivated employee of their stores.

You just might want to grab one of those cool blue Walmart vests, because they are about to make it really worth your while to become a manager at one of their big box stores.

Walmart is upping the salary for managers to an average of $128,000, and I don’t know about you, but I am now considering a job in retail management.

They previously set their starting manager salaries at $65,000, however for those lucky enough to qualify, based on experience and performance, the starting salary is now $90,000.

Not too shabby for a Walmart job, right?!?

Walmart is also adding in a very generous bonus plan for managers that hit their numbers on a consistent basis.

Get this — Walmart managers can make up to 200% of their base salaries just in bonuses!!

That’s going to come in mighty handy to help with those pesky monthly bills, and just think of the bonuses they can earn during the busy holiday shopping season.

According to WBRC, this is the first raise for managers in a decade — so they’re really making it count.

More good news — Walmart is one of those companies that doesn’t require a college degree to go into management.

And, it’s not only managers who are going to benefit from Walmart’s generous pay upgrade program, either.

They are also raising the average hourly wage for front-line hourly employees to $18.

These pay hikes are going to go into effect on February 1st, so get those resumes in.