Dear Parents, Your Kids Don’t Need A Stanley Cup

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Dear Parents, buckle up because we need to talk…

I am going to go out on a limb here and be the “bad guy” for just a second but, your kids don’t need a Stanley cup. Sorry, not sorry.

As I am sure you know, Stanley has become the latest accessory your kids apparently ‘can’t live without’.

After all, those viral Stanley tumblers are popping up everywhere like dandelions in spring.

Now, I get it. These tumblers have more colors than a unicorn’s dream and can keep a drink cold longer than it takes your teenager to clean their room (which is saying something).

But let’s spill the tea (responsibly, not in our Stanleys, of course): your kid doesn’t need a glorified cup to be the coolest at the lunch table.

Not to mention – it is $45! And that is just for one.

Remember when we were kids? Our ‘hydration system’ was a garden hose, and we turned out mostly fine.

Today’s kids are armed with insulated, stainless steel vessels that could probably survive a minor apocalypse. I mean one literally survived a car fire.

Fun fact: Did you know that owning a Stanley tumbler doesn’t actually increase your child’s chances of success, popularity, or hydration? Shocking, I know.

It’s just a cup, folks. A really nice, Instagram-worthy cup, but a cup nonetheless.

And I’ve personally witnessed teenagers throwing fits because they couldn’t get the Stanley cup they wanted. Like, what? That is just insane to me.

What happened to just being all around cool person? Since when did materialistic things become the norm for being “cool”?

And if your kid really thinks this is a life or death situation – make them work for that $45 cup!

This whole era of buying kids $45 cups and taking them on insanely expensive trips to Sephora has to stop. It’s just raising an era of entitled soon-to-be-adults and that’s scary.

So, parents, let’s focus on the important things. Like teaching our kids the value of money, the importance of being themselves, and the skill of drinking from a regular, non-trendy container.

After all, life skills don’t come in a 40-ounce, vacuum-insulated package no matter how cute it is!

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