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Stanley is Giving This Woman A Car After Her Stanley Tumbler Was The Only Item To Survive A Car Fire

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Whoa. All the Stanley Tumbler hype is really making sense now…

They are aesthetically pleasing and hold a crap ton of water, but it seems that Stanley Tumblers have a hidden benefit.

Stanley Tumblers are known for keeping your drinks cold for an inordinate amount of time, but this is insane.

They are apparently fireproof!!

There’s actual evidence that a Stanley Tumbler can withstand a car fire.

I’m shook — and rather impressed.

In a short video posted to TikTok, @danimarielettering can be seen sifting through a visibly charred car.

Everything is all scorched by the flames of a recent car fire — but then the camera zooms in on a Stanley Tumbler still sitting in the cup holder.

Everybody’s so concerned about if the Stanley spills, but what about if it melts?


The gold Stanley Tumbler appears untouched by the licking flames that have totaled the vehicle.

But, that’s not the only surprising part of the TikTok video.

Ya’ll. She picks up the Stanley Tumbler, and shakes it.

There is STILL ICE in the tumbler!!

I mean, come on! That’s a commercial for the greatness of the Stanley Tumbler if I’ve ever seen one!

It seems that Stanley agrees!!

The President of Stanley Tumblers took to TikTok, and stitched a video with @danimarielettering.

Wow! (Your video) really shows — how Stanleys are built for life.

Terence Reilly, President of Stanley Tumbler

Of course, Stanley is sending her free Stanley Tumblers because of the ordeal.

But, get this…

Terence Reilly, in a never-before heard of decision, says they are going to replace her scorched car!

I guess it really pays to get a Stanley Tumbler!

No wonder people are losing their minds over these tumblers!!

Want to get your hands on your own Stanley Tumbler?

We got you!!

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