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Home Depot Is Selling A 7 Foot Halloween Willow Tree That Glows Purple And I Have To Have It

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You had me at, “It glows purple!” GAH!!!

You guys!! You have to check out this ah-mazing Halloween Willow Tree that has built in PURPLE lights. I have never wanted anything more in my entire life.

This ain’t no tiny little yard tree. This willow tree is a whopping 7 feet tall, and you probably will need more than one person to set it up. That’s a lot of tree to take on by yourself! Ha!

You can choose to use this tree indoors OR outdoors — or, you know, get one for each. I mean, COME ON!! It’s PURPLE, y’all!!

You can get this cool Halloween Willow Tree right on the Home Depot website.

You have to have it shipped, but it ships for FREE, and you can have it go to your house OR your local Home Depot.

It’s going to cost you $149 for this PURPLE lighted willow tree, and remember the best part — shipping is free!!

Featuring micro-LED lights with a purple glow, this 7 ft. Purple Willow Tree is a great addition to your Halloween yard décor. It may require more than 1-person to help assemble. The frame of this item is sturdy metal and covered in weather resistant material for lasting use.

LED lights
Sturdy metal frame covered with weather resistant material
LED lights last 80% longer than traditional lights
Indoor/outdoor use
UL certified

Home Depot

I am so excited for Halloween, y’all!!

You can get the 7-Foot Willow Tree on the Home Depot website here.

Have you checked out these Halloween Candy Boards yet? I’m totally doing a version for lunch. My kids will FREAK out!!


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  1. Anyone looking for 1, it’s a total nightmare if you don’t get branches just right don’t even look right. I still have not got which 1 goes where. Picture can’t tell s..t and not labeled showing you. Nothing but a headache.

  2. The beautiful weeping willow tree is sold out in every Home Depot within 100 miles of my home. And they won’t sell the display one.

    1. @David, the Home Depot where I live sold me the cauldron witches display 2 yrs ago. Guess it depends where you live.

  3. Total impulse buy! I hope it doesn’t arrive in a tangled mess like the spider webb I ordered last year!

  4. Make one of these in green, you will have my first born child!!! I would soo get the green one if it was available.

  5. Like, OMG!! This post seems like, it was like, written by a Valley girl

  6. I love this tree too. I want one as I am a purple lover. Thanks for sharing the information.

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