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Aldi Is Selling Eggnog And Now My Holidays Are Complete

Every time I go to Aldi recently, their eggnog stares me down, just daring me to buy it.

They had this boozy eggnog last year, and it was FABULOUS!! But, can I, in good conscience, partake in such a Holiday-centric beverage before Halloween even hits?

Well, I’ll just go ahead and tell you, the answer to such a question is always, “YES!!”

This creamy concoction is made of egg yolk, the finest cream, festive holiday spices, and of course, booze. White wine, to be exact.

It’s made by Holly Hill Farms, and it has a 13.9 percent ABV — so just a little will do ya just fine. Sip away, my friend!!

And, of course, since this eggnog is at Aldi, you KNOW it is going to be priced right! It will run you about $7 a bottle, and I’m going to need a few bottles to start this season off right.

Now, there IS some bad news here, this eggnog is a limited edition product, so you better stock up while you can. Once the holiday season is over, it will be gone — at least until next year.

At $7 a bottle, stocking up will be nice and painless, AMIRITE?!? Go get ya some!

Since you are going to be at Aldi ANYWAY, buying your eggnog, you have to go check out their Halloween pasta! It is so fun and festive, my kids will love it (and they don’t eat ANYTHING!!).

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