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Here’s Why The Dog The Bounty Hunter Is Not A Licensed Bounty Hunter

By now you’ve heard that Dog The Bounty Hunter is not licensed to be a bounty hunter.

I know, that is crazy. But what exactly does that mean?

For starters, it means in the eyes of the law, he is legally able to detain fugitives such as Brian Laundrie, about as much as you or I can.

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Can Dog The Bounty Hunter Legally Detain Brian Laundrie With No License?

The short answer is, yes he can detain. No, he cannot arrest.

It’s important to know that “detain” and “arrest” are two different things.

Previously, reports were made that Dog could be in some serious legal trouble if he caught Brian Laundrie and that is true if he does the capture the wrong way.

Experts say, Dog CAN find Brian Laundrie and detain him, meaning he can hold him until the authorities arrive. He CAN’T arrest him nor take Brian into custody.

Dog’s publicist made a statement saying:

As there is a warrant issued, “any citizen who sees [Laundrie] can detain him and turn him over,” says Jennifer Willingham. “There are also licensed people working with Dog and also off-duty police. He’s covered to apprehend multiple ways.” If Dog finds Brian, he can detain the man until authorities arrive.

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So, if you were out looking for Brian Laundrie, found him, and held him then called the police, that is being detained.

Of course, it seems that Dog does have a lot of experience capturing fugitives so that is working in his favor.

Now, the burning question has been… Why is Dog The Bounty Hunter Not A Licensed Bounty Hunter?

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Turns out, he can’t be.

According to reports, In 1976, Dog was involved in a drug deal gone wrong when his accomplice shot and killed a man. Dog was convicted of first-degree murder so he’s unable to obtain proper licensing.

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So, it looks like Dog can find Brian and detain him but he has to do it in a certain way to avoid legal implications.