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This Hairstylist Creates Hair Designs Inspired by Nature and I Am In Love

I’ve honestly been thinking about shaving all of my hair off. It’s a curly frizzed out mess of red and gray.

I have pulled out the clippers a few times already, but then I saw these amazing colors! Now I think I may keep my hair to do one!

I have watched all sorts of trends come and go. I started dying my hair with Manic Panic way back in the 80s’.

Now I have come across hairstylist Ursula Goff! She has some really cool nature-inspired hair colors and I love them!

This Black Dahlia inspired one is amazing! I could almost pull off that color! Not quite the one that would work best for me, but definitely beautiful!

What about some Northern Lights?? Still, not for me, but gorgeous!

This Opal inspired look would be amazing on my youngest daughter! So pretty!

The sunflower inspired look is a little closer to something that would work for me, but not quite the one yet! It’s a little too sunshiney for me.

THIS! Fire and lava…this works for me! Girl on Fire was my roller derby name, not because of the song. But because I literally feel like I am on fire from my CRPS (RSD). This color is perfect for me!

What about you? What is your perfect nature-inspired hair color? Maybe a Jellyfish? Pretty freaking fantastic!

Or maybe Jupiter is your color? I love this one, but I could never pull it off. One of my daughters could for sure though!