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I Just Watched The New Netflix Short Film And My Heart Hurts

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If you have 12 minutes today, that is enough time to watch the short film on Netflix called ‘If Anything Happens I Love You’. I just watched it and wow…


It’s sad. like really sad. I have never lost a child in this way and while I can empathize with those that have lost a child in such a way… I truly don’t know what that is like.


This short movie gives just a glimpse of what two parents that lose a child go through. The distance and wedge it can put between them is heartbreaking.

‘If Anything Happens I Love You’ is one of three Netflix animated shorts that are up for Oscar consideration in 2021. The movie is so well done and totally deserving.

12 Minutes, No Words…

There is not one single word spoken in the film. It isn’t needed, the visual representation and the music perfectly relay the story.

It shows the disconnect and heartbreak in a way that words just are not needed. I’m seriously shocked at how a 12 minute film with no words has made me feel.

For those of you that have lost a child to the violence of our world, I am so very sorry. No one deserves this, no child, no parent.

I do feel like this is a film that we should all watch. It’s 12 minutes, make the time. Here is the trailer…

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