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Taco Bell Is Giving Out Free Doritos Loco Tacos On Tuesday. Here’s How to Get One.

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Y’all, I haven’t had fast food in like two weeks — since this mess started. I’d chew my left arm off for some Taco Bell!

Turns out, I can keep all my body parts intact, because Taco Bell is giving everyone in America a FREE Doritos Loco Taco this TUESDAY!

Via foodiegirl.ldn on Instagram

You probably have to BUY something to get the free taco, right?


NO!! I called my local Taco Bell, and was told that ANYONE can come through the drive thru and request a FREE BEEF NACHO CHEESE DORITOS LOCO TACO on Tuesday. No purchase is required.


It IS limited to one per customer — like, you can’t go through the drive thru and order one for each member of your family — but it’s FREE, and it’s a TACO. What else do you need in life, AMIRITE?!?


This will mark the FIRST TIME that many have left their houses in over a week. While I’m super excited for my free taco, this DOESN’T mean Social Distancing is over.

Get your free taco, and go the heck back home.


I might just have a Taco Bell picnic on my front porch — which is the equivalent to the length of two steps. Ha!


Once the Taco Bell excitement is over, you can go back to your daily life of distancing. If you are looking for cool things to do while you are stuck at home, check this out.

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