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Leslie Jordan Says He Finally Feels Seen and We Are Here For It

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What did you do for most of 2020? Me? Well, I watched Leslie Jordan nearly every day on Instagram!

Leslie Jordan has kept a smile on my face, I was one of his fellow “hunkerdowners”. I love hearing about his past with all of the fun stories he tells.


I especially loved hearing him talk about his mama Peggy Ann! His Instagram account is really something that just puts you in a better mood.


What I didn’t know though is that he didn’t feel “seen” before this.


I don’t know how that could be the case because he had so many hilarious television spots. In fact, my favorite was his character on ‘Reba’ and other people loved him from ‘Will & Grace’.


When the pandemic really kicked off back in March of 2020, Leslie loaded up and went back home to Chattanooga, Tennessee. He spent some time on his phone, then eventually he started posting on Instagram.


I posted a video on Instagram twice a day, for 80 days.

Leslie Jordan told People

Maybe if I was that dedicated I would have more interaction on my own Instagram accounts.

People knew me from my characters, but I’m amazed that, people discovered me as me. They loved me. And they came back.

Leslie Jordan told People

Getting to know the real Leslie Jordan

That makes sense! We all see these characters on television and in movies and we think we know who they are. We don’t! I’m glad I got to see and know the real Leslie Jordan!


You can catch him on ‘Call Me Kat’, Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. But make sure you stop by his Instagram and get to know the guy behind the characters he plays, you won’t be sorry!


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