Leslie Jordan Is Documenting His Quarantine On Instagram And It Is Hilarious

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Y’all, I have been watching Leslie Jordan’s quarantine videos one after another! This was most definitely the kind of humor I needed today!

Do you remember Leslie Jordan? If not, you most likely will recognize his voice as soon as you hit play on one of the videos.

He was on Will & Grace, American Horror Story and many more over the years. He has a super strong southern drawl that makes you want to sit and listen.

Leslie says self isolation is a good time for self reflecting…


Some of these had me laughing so hard that I cried. I especially love this one where he talks about working with Betty White on Boston Legal.


This one where he talks about George Clooney messing with him on Bodies of Evidence. That face he makes at the end. I die.


He says he is bored in several of the videos. Honestly, though his boredom led him to make these videos and he is helping many other “hunkerdowners” get through these days! He even has some work out videos for us!


He tells a lot of stories from his younger days before he was sober.

He is completely sober these days and proud of it! Here he tells us about the time he and Robert Downey Jr were locked up at the same time.


I didn’t even share the most hilarious ones because they are not exactly family-friendly, but you can head on over to his Instagram and watch them for yourself. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we did!


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