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Here’s Your First Look At The New Sharkboy And Lavagirl And They Are Parents!

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A few months ago we told you about the new Sharkboy and Lavagirl film coming out. The new movie is called ‘We Can Be Heroes’ and in this one, they are parents!

Dimension Films

There seems to be a lot of confusion, many of you think that Sharkboy and Lavagirl are siblings… they most certainly are NOT related! So clear that misconception out of your head right now, because that is just weird!


The first movie came out in 2005 and I have to admit I love watching this one with my kids! In fact I can’t see Tyler Lautner as anything other than Sharkboy.


Sadly, we will not see Tyler in this continuation, but Taylor Dooley is back as her role as Lavagirl.


Robert Rodriguez is one of my favorite directors. I have loved pretty much every single one of his movies and he is returning to direct this one as well.

Sharkboy and Lava Girl show up as superhero parents who now have a daughter who has shark and lava powers. The only speaking role is for Lavagirl.

Robert Rodriguez

I Just Can’t Wait!


My kids are at the age when they can make films alongside me. So we came up with the idea of…like an Avengers team but they all have kids.. The kids have powers but they don’t know how to use them because they’re just so young. It was the most challenging movie I’d ever done because, any director knows, the most challenging scene is like a dinner scene where you got a lot of people. The whole movie I got eleven superhero kids in every shot. Trying to figure out how to film that was incredible. It’s really challenging and exciting and I already shot it and was editing it when this [pandemic] happened.

Robert Rodriguez

We will be able to watch ‘We Can Be Heroes’ on Netflix when it releases on New Years day! I can not wait!

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