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M&M’s Is Releasing Mix Packs With 3 Different Flavors In Each Bag and I Need It

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If you held me down, and made me pick a FAVORITE candy, I would have to go with M&M’s. Now, don’t make me pick a certain KIND of M&M’s, because I tend to like them ALL!!

Luckily for me — and you — M&M’s is coming out with these Mix Packs, with three flavors in each bag, and they just might be the best thing to hit candy shelves all year!!


There are TWO different Mix Bags, and I need them both — a Classic Chocolate variety and a Peanut Mix. Yum to both, AMIRITE?!?


The Classic M&M’s variety bag has Milk Chocolate M&M’s, Peanut Butter flavored M&M’s, and Peanut M&M’s.


The Peanut Mix — which just might be my favorite — has 3 varieties of M&M’s that all contain peanuts: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and White Chocolate. YUM!!!!

Mars, Incorporated

These bags are going to come in two sizes: Share and Sharing. That’s a little confusing, isn’t it? I’ll just tell you, you will want whichever one is bigger. *Smile*

Mars, Incorporated

Now, if there can be BAD news when talking about tasty M&M’s, it would be that these bags aren’t going to available until 2021 — but they are going to be so worth the wait!


Now for some good news, on the M&M’s Instagram or Twitter site you can go enter to win a year’s worth of one of these mixes!!


Yes, please!! Sign me up!!

If you love candy as much as I do — and, you KNOW you do — you have to check out this Mr. Jelly Belly Contest! He is giving away one of his candy factories via a scavenger hunt, and I want to win!!


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  1. What’s the point of having a separate peanut one if you’re still going to have peanut M&Ms in the main one?? I demand a peanut free one!

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