Aldi Is Selling $15 Mosaic String Lights For The Perfect Way To Light Up The Night

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Aldi has done it again! They can do no wrong in my book, and they have ALL the cool finds!

Exactly how many cute things do I need for my backyard? Well, that depends — how many cute things can I find? Ha!


We already found these super-cute Hobo Swings at Aldi, and there is going to be one going up on my back porch.


Now, to light up the night, Aldi has these Garden Line string lights — and they are going to look fan-freaking-tastic in the backyard!


You can choose from two varieties: The Edison Lights, which are clear, and the Mosaic String Lights, which are light blue, with butterfly and flower designs on each one.


Each set of lights is only $15, and you get a full string of lights. In the Edison package, you get 20 lights. In the Mosaic box, you get 10 lights.


As you can imagine, these sell out pretty fast. If you are lucky enough to find them, GRAB THEM!! You probably won’t find them again!


If you have scoured the aisles at Aldi, and you can’t find these lights, they do have a similar variety on Amazon. They aren’t EXACTLY the same, but they are indoor/outdoor globe lights.


They will cost you a bit more, at $36, but they will still be pretty in your backyard!


You can get THESE indoor/outdoor globe lights right on the Amazon website.


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