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Aldi Is Selling A $40 Boho Swing and I Need One

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We’ve been looking for something to hang from the tree in our backyard at our new home.

In fact, my kids were so bored during the stay-at-home orders that they took two sheets and tied them together to make a hammock swing! It actually worked!


Thing is, the sheet swing was kind of an eyesore and also felt a little dangerous to me haha! But Aldi has something way cooler!


They are now carrying a Boho Hanging Chair that you can swing in! It also holds up to 300 lbs so that seems quite a bit more safe than the tied up sheets option.


This would look so pretty hanging from a tree. A nice place to chill and read too! You can even hang them from a stand and place it on a deck in a garden area as this lady did!


Some people even install them indoors! They make a great spot for kids to sit and read or play a game! There are so many ways to make use of them, I kind of want one in the house like this kid!


It is super affordable it’s priced at only about $39.99 at your local Aldi store!

You can read more about the Boho Hanging Chair Here.


Even dogs love boho swinging chairs, just look at this sweet little swingin’ Pug! I doubt my dogs could fit!


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  1. Ive been looking for these everywhere for my kids!! I would love 3 of them please!!!

    1. I’m looking for 2 and I’ve looked everywhere. Can you please help me to find 2 I really need?

  2. The s a great way to reinforce reading to little eager to learn minds like incorporating in to a reading space or what ever u want to , we will be looking in to getting a couple for are home or yard thanks ALDI.

  3. It looks fairly small. I’d like to see a picture with an adult sitting in it.

    1. This fits my butt on a swing set & I’m a grandma at 64. I just can’t post a picture of this on a swing set

  4. We haven’t had them at my Aldis yet. Hope they are coming soon!

  5. This sounds fantastic and I too want one of the swings !

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