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Holiday Buttercream Boards Are the Hot New Trend That Will Cure Any Sweet Tooth

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While Charcuterie boards are delicious, they are so last year.

This holiday season, a new version of the infamous charcuterie board is currently trending, and it’s the perfect way to entertain your guests at your next holiday party.

What’s dubbed “Buttercream Boards”, these new boards are made for dipping your favorite salty snacks or sweet treats in a sugary spread that’s decorated with Christmas cheer!

The new boards, which are basically an updated version of the charcuterie board we’ve all made at home, will cure your aching sweet tooth and be the centerpiece at the next family get together.

So how do you make a Buttercream Board?

Well there are really no rules when it comes to making this sweet spread except one, and that is to make sure you include some type of buttercream frosting or icing in the middle of your board!

The frosting in the center of your board will act as your dipping grounds for cookies, pretzels, muffin bites, crackers, cones, you name it!

And to make this board festive, you can spread your frosting in the shape of a snowman, a giant snowflake, a Christmas tree, or even the Grinch’s face!

Courtesy of @carla.bushey

Now the only difficult decision you’ll have to make while creating this board is choosing which snacks to surround your frosting, but you can never go wrong with a candy or cookie theme.

You can also find a tub of buttercream frosting at Target to get your board started, just incase you’re out of stock in the pantry at home!

Courtesy of @Sugar High

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