Check On Your Extroverted Friends…They Are Not Ok

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With social distancing becoming a requirement and no longer a suggestion, being away from your friends and family could be pretty hard…especially for extroverts.

I am an introvert. I thrive on alone time. If I could stay home for days on end it would be glorious.

However, I’m at home with three extroverts. So the alone time is pretty scarce. So my heart goes out to those of you cooped up that don’t want to be.

An extrovert is a person who is friendly, outgoing and is energized by being around other people. You can see where this might cause a problem right now.

So check on your extroverted friends….they are not ok.

There are many ways to stay connected during social distancing.

FaceTime each other.

Duet TikToks together.

Watch a show together while on the phone so it’s as if you were doing it together.

Learn a new talent together and talk about the process. Take turns writing a sentence to make up a story together. Literally any connection and communication at this point will be helpful to them.

Send each other funny texts and memes. Play online games together. Make each other gifts to give once you get to see each other again. Set up a delivery service to send food to their home.

I personally sent a friend this Jason Momoa coloring book to keep her entertained.


There are a million ways to stay connected to your friends during this time and hopefully make them feel a little less alone during this time.

Everyone is going a little stir crazy right now, me included.

So be sure to spread the love, especially to your extroverted friends. Because right now…they are not ok.

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