UNO Confirms You’ve Been Playing The Game Wrong Your Entire Life…Again

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I am pretty sure at this point, UNO is messing with us all.

It was just a few weeks ago that UNO confirmed we had all been playing the game wrong by saying you could not stack +4 or +2 cards.

Now, they just tweeted AGAIN claiming yet another rule we all seem to be breaking and my head is starting to spin.

The Tweet said:

So, you don’t keep pulling cards until you get one that matches the color of the discard pile card.

Um, what?

Okay, I’ll admit, I never played this way, we always just pulled one card but according to many replies, lots of people thought this was the way to play…

Someone even posted that Xbox version of UNO doesn’t even play that way…

By the way, where is this “Swap hands” card? My deck doesn’t have one! WTH.

I totally think UNO is taunting us. They are trying to figure out what “house rules” everyone plays with just to come out and say we are playing it wrong LOL

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