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Did This TikToker Break Up Elon Musk and Grimes Because She Was Bored?

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If this isn’t a prime example of not believing everything you read on the internet, I don’t know what is.

Meet TikToker Michaela Okland.

On September 12, 2021 she tweeted saying that she spotted Grimes and Noah Centineo kissing at an Olive Garden in Newport Beach, Florida.

michaela okland

A week after that tweet went viral, Elon Musk and Grimes announced they were breaking up after nearly 3 years together… Coincidence?

Reports starting coming in that the rumors behind Grimes and Noah is what caused Elon and Grimes to break up. YIKES!


This is where things take a horrible turn… that girl Michaela Okland just recently spilled the beans during a TikTok admitting that she lied.

Yep – she admitted that her lie about Grimes and Noah was false and she made the entire story up.


Ya know, for starters, I can’t help but notice how little remorse Michaela seemed to have in her TikTok video. She just laughs and smiles throughout the video.

I guess it makes sense considering that just a quick look through her Twitter feed, seems to showcase a girl that loves to stir up trouble…

Honestly, this is not okay.

This really is a prime example of how rumors can spread on social media like wildfire and whether they are about celebrities or not, it isn’t okay to spread false news. Especially when it comes to something so damaging such as cheating rumors.

As for Michaela, I don’t understand why she thought her initial tweet was appropriate or funny in any way. Was she just bored with her life? It doesn’t matter why she did it, it’s wrong no matter what.

So please, use this as an example of how to watch what you say online especially about others because you never know what damage you will cause in the process.

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