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This New Charm Bracelet Trend Is A Total Throwback To Those Bracelets We Used To Wear As Kids

Before Pandora was even a thing, middle school girls were doing it up in style!

Remember those charm bracelets (or if you were rich, charm necklaces) that we all wore back in the day? They were made of plastic, and they would break at the drop of a hat, but we thought we were the coolest thing to ever walk the planet.

Well, those bracelets are BACK, and they are better than ever!

They are called CHARM IT! and they are a total throwback to those bracelets we used to wear as kids. But now, OUR kids can collect and obsess over them.

Each CHARM IT! bracelet is totally one-of-a-kind, and they are perfect for letting your kid bring out their funky style.

Of course, you start with the bracelet chain. They come in all sorts of colors, from silver, to gold, and they even have this rainbow chain. Gah!


Then, it’s time to get crazy with the charms.

You can choose one or two charms, and make your bracelet a simple chain with a focal point.

Or, you can do it up right, and fill every single link on your bracelet with a charm that matches your personality.

There are only about eleventy billion charms to choose from. You are SURE to find at least 2 or 30 that you like!

Pssst. If you promise not to say anything, I’ll tell you a little secret. You can actually hang these charms off of ANY bracelet or necklace — although to make them OFFICIAL, you need to have them on a CHARM IT! chain. *Smile*

This would make a FANTASTIC tradition to start, and then ‘Santa’ can fill up the stockings with more charms!!

The bracelets range in price from about 11 to 18 bucks, depending on what style you want to get.


Then, the charms are like 10 bucks each. And, trust me, you won’t be able to stop at just one.

You can check out all the bracelets and charms to start a collection of your own CHARM IT! on the Amazon website.

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