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10 Amazing Reasons You Should Start Drinking More Water TODAY!

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Water is an essential for life and I know, and you know it too. But why? What exactly is so great about water? It’s tasteless and colorless so what makes it so amazing? Well, I want to share with you 10 Amazing Benefits of Water so you can stop wondering and start drinking…more water!

10 Amazing Benefits of Water

1. Ability to lose weight. Water helps keep us full especially when ingested before meals. Because we feel fuller, we are less likely to eat as much and that will help us lose that extra weight.

2. Promotes healthy digestion. Hate feeling constipated or sluggish? Increase your water intake! Water helps flush waste products and leaves you feeling great.

3. Leaves hair shiny. Know those television commercials where the models have shiny, luxurious hair? Well, while that may be Photoshop or editing tricks, you can get that in real life just by drinking water – and lots of it.

4. Supports Concentration. Do you have those days where you feel like no matter how hard you try you just cannot focus or get through the day? It could be a lack of your water intake for the day. Water supports healthy brain function and concentration.

5. Gives glowing skin. You know that “glow” everyone talks about you have when you are pregnant? Well you don’t have to be pregnant to have it! Drink lots of water. It will improve the look and feel of your skin and give you that glow you’ve always wanted.

6. Removes toxins from our body. Water enables our body to flush out toxins so in return we feel better and remain healthier.

7. It may help prevent cancer. It seems like everything we do these days can cause cancer so why not do something to try to prevent it? Tons of research says that staying hydrated can reduce risk of cancer including: colon, bladder and possibly breast cancer.

8. Gives Good Smelling Breath. You brush, floss, and use mouthwash but cannot figure out why your breath still smells like you made out with a skunk? It could be that you are dehydrated and not getting enough water to wash out that bacteria in your mouth throughout the day. Drinking more water can give you that fresh breath you so desperately want.

9. Improves circulation. Water helps keep things moving throughout your body including circulation. It’s easier for your body to preform bodily functions when it has water to help push things along.

10. Improves mobility in joints. When you think of joints or bones you usually think of calcium and milk. However, water is just as great for improving mobility and decreases joint pain.


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  1. That’s interesting that drinking water can improve your breath. I could see how it could wash away any food that is in there. I’ll have to consider getting a well at my cabin so I can drink more water up there to see if that helps keep my mouth clean.

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