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A Mom Transformed Her Daughter’s Dollhouse Into The ‘Encanto’ Casita And It’s Amazing!

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Kids and adults alike LOVE ‘Encanto’, and that includes my teenagers… I can’t even tell you how many times they’ve watched the movie.


One 4-year-old little girl named Zariyah had been watching the ‘Encanto’ movie every day since it first came out.

The lucky little girl has a mother named Jasmine Maesta that did the most amazing thing for her…

jasminmaes5 – TikTok

She took her old Barbie dollhouse and turned it into the Casita from ‘Encanto’!

Zariyah had been begging her mother to buy her the toy and her mom decided she could make one herself that was better and more fun for her daughter, and she totally pulled it off!

jasminmaes5 – TikTok

She removed everything from the Barbie dollhouse and coated it with primer for a blank slate.

Zariyah and her mother decided they needed rooms for Mirabel, Isabela, Luisa, Antonio, and Bruno.

jasminmaes5 – TikTok

They also decided to add spaces for Dolores and Camilo.

The little girl’s mother had to watch the movie many times so that she could get the details correct.

jasminmaes5 – TikTok

Jasmine Maesta spent about 7 weeks recreating the Casita and posted a video to TikTok that quickly went viral!

It did cost her about $150 in supplies to create the custom piece, but WOW… how amazing of her to do this for her little girl!

jasminmaes5 – TikTok

It’s full of fun interactive pieces such as a bed that “floats” and even a vine swing.

jasminmaes5 – TikTok

I suddenly feel like I need to step up my mom game!

You can watch her original TikTok post here as well as the follow-up TikTok here!

jasminmaes5 – TikTok

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