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This Homemade Fall Tree Will Bring Fall Vibes to Any Space

Christmas is the only time of the year where we can decorate our homes with trees, said nobody ever. 

While Christmas may be a popular time to decorate your home with Evergreen trees, imagine instead, a small orange tree standing tall in the living room to brighten up your space for the fall season. 

And now that I’ve convinced you to set up a fall tree, TikToker @macy.blackwell shows us how to make a non-Christmas tree that’s specifically made for autumn!

What’s also a cheaper alternative than buying one at the store, this DIY tree is made from only five supplies that you most likely already have hanging around the house.

Courtesy of @macy.blackwell

Starting with a medium size planter that’s currently unoccupied by greenery, grab a tomato cage which you can currently find on Amazon, and stick the wider end inside of the pot until it feels snug.

Then, make sure to tie the top three ends together until the shape resembles a Christmas tree.

Courtesy of @macy.blackwell

Grab your fall garland which you can also find on Amazon, (bright orange and red leaves work best to brighten up your living room space), and wrap the fall leaves around the tomato cage.

And don’t forget the string lights!

Courtesy of @macy.blackwell

For a final touch, wrap your string lights carefully around and in between the leaves (a brown colored string light may work best here to hide the wire), plug-in and your tree is finished!

Now you can officially say, that fall has arrived early this year.

Courtesy of @macy.blackwell