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The Trailer For Nicolas Cage’s ‘History Of Swear Words’ Is Here And It’s The History Class We All Needed

I think this could be a redeeming point in Nicolas Cage’s career. Years ago he was one of my favorite actors, but then he started accepting every single role out there, and some of them were really really bad.


But this? This he is perfect for! When you watch the trailer you will see just what I mean. He fits and he looks comfortable and it reminded me what it was that I always liked about him.

The new show is called ‘History Of Swear Words’ and will be on Netflix. ‘History Of Swear Words’ is basically a historical knowledge filled comedy. You’ll learn some things and you’ll laugh quite a bit.

I mean I know I have often thought about the origin of words and why some are “bad” words and others are just fine. It makes no sense to me, words are simply words.

The show features Nicholas Cage with language and history experts as well as comedians. They will go over the origins of swear words.

This is definitely a trailer you should put your headphones on for if you have kids in the house. Nicholas Cage starts this trailer off with the most massive “F-bomb” ever! Prepare yourself!

“History of Swear Words” comes out on Netflix on January 5th, 2021. Watch the trailer below and let me know what you think in the comments.