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This Pumpkin Broom Snack Bowl Is Here To Sweep You Off Your Feet This Halloween Season

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Are you wanting something quirky and fun for your next Halloween get together?

This Halloween Pumpkin Snack Bowl definitely fits the bill.


Made of a durable plastic, it is lightweight and super easy to put together.

All you have to do is stand the broom upright on the table, and drop the orange bowls into the metal arms that hang off of the broom.


STRONGER STAND Forget those shaky, wobbly serving stands . Our thick Broom shape holder provides more balance & stability.


You can put so many kinds of dips in the bowls — guacamole, salsa, humus, ranch dip — and serve with chips, breads, pretzels, or whatever else you can use as a dipper.

This Halloween Pumpkin Snack Bowl would also be perfect to hold different Halloween candies! Wouldn’t that be so cute?


How great would this Snack Bowl be for a Halloween birthday gift or a fun housewarming gift?!?

It is important to note that the pictures are enlarged to show detail, and the actual product is a bit smaller than it appears in photos.


This super cute Halloween Pumpkin Snack Bowl runs $16.99, and you can use it so many times.

To get your own Halloween Pumpkin Snack Bowl, just head on over to the ManiFashionBags shop on Etsy.


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