This Texas Bakery Lost Customers After Selling Pride Cookies But They’ve Since Sold Out Every Day Thanks To Supporters

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It’s June, so for many it becomes Pride Month. Whether you are a part of the LGBTQIA or support them, this is a pretty important month to celebrate.

Pretty much every store I have gone into has pride merchandise, so it’s pretty normal to see small businesses follow suite. But after one Texas bakery joined in on the celebration, they lost many customers.


In Lufkin, Texas, a bakery lost most of their business due to an outrage and hateful reaction from the locals. Customers started canceling orders, making cruel comments, and vowing not to return.

Bakery co-owner Dawn Cooley, who runs the bakery with her sister, Miranda, were stunned by this response. The bakery had already nearly closed several times because of the pandemic, so the amount of negative feedback was devastating.

But for every negative comment or bad review they’ve received for their rainbow cookies, there are now “20 positive ones”, she said.

“Honestly, we just made a rainbow heart cookie,” Cooley told CNN. “We do not deserve all this attention. We give gladly and perform small acts of service or kindness without expecting anything in return, be it acknowledgment or praise; we certainly don’t expect hatred.”

The day after posting on their Facebook about the heartbreak of losing so many customers and having so many canceled orders, customers arrived wrapped around the block waiting to order cookies to show their support. The entire store sold out within hours.

Since then, their business has been SOARING. Fans from all over are making sure to support this brave small business and their cookies have been selling out daily. Good job everyone!

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