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This Portable Boombox Can Play Music and Shows From Any Device and I Need It

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You can get a portable Boombox that is a TV, a radio, a DVD player, and MORE!

Back in the day, I used to have a portable TV that I’d carry in my purse. I’m just extra like that. Ha!

Courtesy of Walmart

We have a beach trip coming up, and I have been looking for something inexpensive to take to the ocean that will replace my beloved purse TV.

I need it to actually pick up TV channels and play DVDs. If it plays CDs, gets the radio, and plays MP3s, BONUS!!

Look what I just found at Walmart. This nifty device can do all of the above!! TV and DVD? YES. CDs and radio? YES. Plays MP3s, and it’s portable? YES!!

Movies next to the ocean just might be my favorite thing ever!

I am about to really show my age here. It looks like one of those Boomboxes we had in the 1990s.

This boombox has battery capacity (C size batteries), or it can plug into an outlet. It has a speaker jack, so you can hook up external speakers if you want, BUT it has TWIN speakers built right in, to give it a nice, high-quality sound.

The screen is a 7-inch LED screen, so it will be GREAT for my kids to use in the car during our road trip to the beach. No need to buy a seperate portable DVD player!

If you have media stored on a USB flash drive or an SD/SDHC memory card, no worries, it will play that too.

Basically, it’s pretty perfect!

Accessories included: Remote control, A/V cable, AC power cable, DC car cord, external antenna 


You can find this NAXA Electronics TV/DVD Player Boombox right on the Walmart website. It will cost about $90, which is just about the price for a portable DVD player, alone!  TOTALLY worth it.

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