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The Tree Topper Turns Your Christmas Tree Into The Grinch

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I love that The Grinch is just as popular with my kids as it was with my generation! Watching the Grinch movies, both old and new, are always a part of our Christmas season traditions! When I saw this tree topper I got so excited!


It’s more than just a tree topper! He absolutely makes the tree into something spectacular! You have two separate pieces here, his head and an arm! So it looks like he is actually hiding in the tree!


The arm and the head both have 2 wires in them that you can wrap around the trunk of your tree for the best position. Use your tree branches to help prop them in place.


I love that it is handmade, so each one may be a little different. The arm with fingers shaped measures about 29 inches by 15 inches. The Grinch head measures about 16 inches by 14 inches.


This makes me want a completely “Whoville” themed tree this year! Wouldn’t that be amazing and fun? My kids may be teens and adults now, but you never ever outgrow The Grinch!

You can buy this amazing Grinch tree decoration from TheCraftheadsStore on Etsy for only $105 for both pieces, or you can purchase them separately if you only want the head or the arm.


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